Do Not Wait To Get Legal Help After A Drug Charge

New York has strict laws governing the use and sale of controlled substances. If you or a loved one was charged with a drug-related crime in Albany County, you need to contact a lawyer immediately. The longer you wait to get legal help, the worse your situation will become.

At the Law Office of Brian W. Devane, Esquire, I — attorney Brian Devane — have been defending clients against misdemeanor and felony drug offenses for over 28 years. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I know how severe New York's drug laws are, and I know how to make the criminal justice system work in your favor.

The More Dangerous The Drug, The More Serious The Penalties

In New York, illegal drugs – like cocaine, heroin and marijuana – are separated into five schedules. Schedule I contains the most dangerous drugs. The level of charge you are facing will depend on the type and amount of drug involved, as well as the behavior you were engaging in. For example, the more dangerous the drug and the greater the quantity, the more serious your criminal charge – and the heavier the penalties for a conviction.

Over the years, my firm has handled everything from minor marijuana possession charges to drug conspiracy and gang-related drug crimes. My ultimate goal is to have your charge dismissed or to secure a "not guilty" verdict. If the facts are such that a dismissal or "not guilty" verdict cannot be achieved, I will work hard to secure the best possible outcome for you, including a reduction in charges, rehabilitation treatment or community service in lieu of jail time, reduced fines, or probation when possible.

Hire A Defense Attorney Who Has Experience Working As A Prosecutor

Over the course of my career, I have been appointed as a special prosecutor on over 30 criminal cases. Working on the side of the government provided me with great insight into the criminal justice system. I know how prosecutors think, and the steps they take when building their cases. I also know what it takes to break their cases apart. Let me put my knowledge to work for you.

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