A Drunk Driving Charge Can Happen To Anyone

DWI/DUI is one of the most common criminal charges — and it can happen to anyone. Many times, people get behind the wheel truly believing they are ok to drive, only to be pulled over and charged with drunk driving.

At the Law Office of Brian W. Devane, Esquire, you will receive the strong, effective criminal defense you need when facing DWI/DUI charges. For more than 28 years, I — attorney Brian Devane — have been defending individuals throughout Albany County, New York, against misdemeanor and felony-level drunk driving charges. I will help you fight your DWI/DUI and obtain the best results possible based on your situation.

Possible Consequences Of A Drunk Driving Charge

The penalties associated with a drunk driving conviction depend on whether this is your first DWI or a repeat charge, if there were aggravating circumstances and your age. However, all penalties involve fines and a mandatory driver's license suspension. If this is your second or subsequent offense, or you were charged with aggravated DWI, you are facing a possible jail sentence. After having your driver's license reinstated, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in your car.

A History Of Success In DWI/DUI Cases

I have a long history of defending people against DWI/DUI charges. I know how strict New York's laws regarding drunk driving are, and how hard it can be to get the charges reduced.

I have been appointed a special prosecutor on over 30 criminal cases. This experience, working as a prosecutor, has given me great insight into the criminal justice system. I know the discretion prosecutors have when negotiating plea deals — and the restrictions placed on them by the law.

I am committed to getting the best results possible for you. When possible, I will work to have your charges reduced to an alcohol-DWAI — a lesser offense in New York. If litigation is necessary, I will work to disprove the evidence prosecutors present against you and challenge the validity of the traffic stop.

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